NOVA Reseller Inventory Page

NOVA Reseller Inventory Page

In this section of the NOVA portal, you can do the following: 

  1. Import and Export lists of phone numbers or add them manually.  

  2. Import and Export lists of SMS number or add them manually 

  3. Import and Export groups of various types of Phone Hardware or add the manually. 



Here are the main controls on the Phone Numbers tab in the Inventory section of your Reseller platform.  

You can sort the phone numbers using the Filters tab. 



  • Put the number you need to find in the Phone Number field. Remember, no spaces or special characters, just integers. 

  • Enter the name of the domain you want to search for in the Domain field 

  • The Treatment menu has a drop down menu that allows you to filter based on how the phone number is treated by the system IE Available or Conference Bridge. 



  • The Destination field is where the call is going to IE what extension, fax, or auto attendant for example. 

  • Status is whether the number is currently enabled or disabled in the system. 

  • Press Filter when you are finished to active the search. 



Back out on the main page, under the phone numbers tab, you have three buttons to the right: Import, Export, and Add Phone Number. 



Import allows you to import a CSV file to upload many phone numbers all at once. The easiest way to do this is the press the Download Template button, fill in the blanks, save the CSV file, then Browse to find the file on your computer, once found then press Upload to put the numbers on the platform. 




The Export Button Exports all the phone numbers currently displayed on the screen based on the filters you have active. When you do export, the platform will put the information into a CSV file which can be opened with a program like Excel.  


Add Number allows you to manually add a phone number to the platform. 



Add the number in the Phone Number field. No spaces or special characters. 


Domain points the number at the domain the phone number is for. 


Treatment tells the platform how to handle the phone number. Here is the drop down menu. 



  • Available number assigns the number to the domain but does not do anything else with it. 

  • User assigns the phone number to a specific user extension. 

  • Conference assigns the phone number to a conference bridge. 

  • Call queue assigns the phone number to a call queue like a round robin, liner cascade, call park, etc. 

  • Voicemail has the phone number point directly to a voicemail. 

  • SIP Trunk has the phone number assigned to a SIP trunk of your choice. 


There is an Enable / Disable DID toggle underneath the treatment menu. Typically you want to leave this on when assigning a phone number to a domain but there could be some instances when you want the DID off or disabled. 


The Notes section allows you to put descriptions of the phone number you are putting into the platform. Can be useful if the customer is porting multiple phone numbers to your platform from another carrier and you need to point the numbers to specific extensions or to a fax ATA. 


The SMS Numbers tab is where you manage the phone numbers on your platform that also can send text messages. Since this section operates almost the exact same as the Phone Numbers section in terms of the Filter, Import, Export, and Add Number buttons, we will not be repeating that information here. Here is a screen shot. 


  The Phone Hardware tab is where you add the various types of phones and ATAs to the platform.  


All the buttons in this section work the exact same as the buttons from the previous two tabs but geared more for the hardware.