NOVA Mobile App Overview

NOVA Mobile App Overview

This document is designed to familiarize you with the functions of the Vested Networks Softphone Mobile App or NOVA.  


What is NOVA? 

Put simply, NOVA is a softphone application that allows you to make calls from your cellular phone with out giving out your personal cellular phone number while conducting business.  


How does NOVA work? 

The technical bit is you have to have a domain with Vested Networks for the application to work fully. NOVA takes the phone number associated with the domain you have with us and, when you make a call with NOVA, masks the phone call and makes it look like to the recipient of your call that you are calling from the main office, when you could be at the beach or snagging a sandwich while on the phone. 


How do I get this application on my cell phone? 

Go to the app store on your phone and type "Vested mobile" into the search bar. You should come up with our Logo in search results. Click on it to download to your phone.  


Logging In 

Once the program  is downloaded to your cell phone, it will bring up a screen that looks like this: 


Use the same personal login information that your use to access the NOVA web portal. 

EX: 202@OldSubHub Password: Vested25 


Once you login this way, the domain registers your cell phone with your extension on the domain and names the phone YourExt#m example 101m.  


There a few advantages to this application being on your cell phone 


  1. Your cell phone, through the app, now acts as a mobile extension allowing you answer calls that are transferred to your desktop extension while you are away from your desk in the office or out running errands. 

  2. When you make calls to clients using this soft phone app, the app will not give out your personal cell phone number. Instead, it uses the main office number of your company domain to hand out for the caller id.  

  3. You can check your voicemails from the app, save them, delete them. 

  4. You can have an interoffice chat on the app with others that have the NOVA app on their phones. Also, if you have an outside number, you can have a chat room with people outside the company. 

  5. You can store contacts already on your phone in this app or add new ones for say business transactions. Then, at the top of the screen, you can change the view from your phone contacts to the coworkers on your domain.