3rd Party Firewall Rules

This guide is a general list of rules and settings that need to be put in place for any managed Firewall with our phones behind it.

>>> Phone Server IP Ranges <<<


-- PRIORITY QoS Settings -- IMPORTANT !!!

>> Primary Ranges (Communication will 99.9% of the time be going to Primary)

Dallas 1 >

Denver 1 >

White Fax ATA > ataserver.ipfax.net & ataini.ipfax.net


Firewall Ports:

UDP/TCP > 5060-5062 (SIP signaling)

TCP > 9002 (NOVA Web Softphone)

UDP/TCP > 10000-27999 (Needed for Audio/Video streams RTP)


Firewall Rules:

Enable: > Consistent Nat (Sonicwall)

Disable: > SIP-ALG & H.225 (Not all firewalls/modems will have these options visible)


Bandwidth Allocation:

Our default compression uses 90k up & down for one single call.

Good example: 20 seats w/ average use of 30% or 6 active calls = 540k up & down reserved.